Brunch in Florida Brunch in Florida The 'Canals' of Fort Lauderdale Sunday 10th October 2010 will see a Pre Cruise Brunch organized by Cruise Critic members. 101542571 Am I dreaming ? Am I dreaming ? 101556938 Roberta & Dale from Jacksonville Drove the longest distance to attend 102282411 Birthday cake Several guests celebrated this October 102282412 Barbara & Larry from Boynton Beach 102282413 Marianne & Joe from Weston Made a fabulous Baked Ziti 102282414 Joe & Dale discuss the euro situation 102282415 Laura & Michael from Miami Shores 102282416 Renee & Steve from Coral Springs with Roberta 102282417 Unwrapped food on the buffet table Item on left is a Mexican Haystack Appetizer WOW 102282419 Hostess Eileen with Alma 102282420 Annie & Ben from Lake Worth with Roberta & Dale 102282421 Mitch with Eileen, Annie & Ben 102282422 Everyone introduced themselves 102282423 Cam & Frank from Naples They made a fabulous Orzo & Shrimp WOW 102282424 Issa & Mela from Boca Raton 102282425 The buffet line headed by Cecile & Jerry from Boynton Beach 102282426 Renee & Steve are next in line 102282427 Our featured dish, PAELLA!! A BIG WOW!! 102282428 Laura & Gary from Sarasota 102282429 Roberta whispers to Dale with Annie 102282430 Barbara, Larry, Marianne & Jim 102282431 Barbara from P.B. Gardens on left Barbara made our delicious Paella 102282432 Issa & Cecile 102282433 The ladies who brunch 102282434 Desserts include chocolate truffles 102282435 Our featured dessert, NOT YO' MAMA'S BANANA PUDDING 102282436 Alma & Jim from Davie 102282437 Mitch & Marianne 102282438 Our October birthday group Laura, Steve, Marianne & Mitch 102282439 Mitch from Coconut Creek Organized our pre-cruise brunch 102285153 Our hosts, Eileen & Arthur from Weston 102282440