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On Board Events

      Sail Away Party ---At Oceanview Bar Aft Deck 14 after Life boat drill. This Bar provides some shelter if needed. Staircase to Sunset Bar Deck 15.

       Connections Party Hosted by Celebrity  probably morning of first sea day . Individuals must register direct with Celebrity. Invitation letter will be in cabin.

       Cabin Crawl  ---    Pre booked guests Assemble at end of Connections Party. 

       Slot Pull --   Slot pull will meet in the casino at x.xx probably on the first sea day.   Time and meeting point to be announced at the connections party. This is being co-ordinated by Michael (Marvin Martian)

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Cabin Crawl - an On Board Event -  

   What is a Cabin Crawl ? 

Perhaps not everyone is familiar with the 'Cabin Crawl' concept. Well here goes:

  • There is usually very little opportunity to view other categories of cabin/stateroom whilst onboard a ship and take note of all the pros and cons of each category.
  • When other passengers (Cruise Critic members) are prepared to 'open their door' for a limited period of time and you join a crawl, your curiosity can be satisfied.
  • The 'Crawl' is usually organised for a 'sea day'. Starting after the 'connections party' is typical, as usually all the participants are already gathered together.
  • To prevent unlisted 'hangers on' the cabin numbers are not published and 'visitor numbers' are strictly limited.

    On a previous crawl the open cabin visiting time was limited to under 1 hour. Those offerring cabins had priority on visiting. An organiser did a sweep collecting the hosts/hostesses on the tour.
  • All hosts visit first cabin, then move to second cabin leaving 1st host in place for the 'viewers only'. 
  • 'Viewers only' start in small groups of say 5 min intervals. After the last visitor to the first cabin. 1st cabin hosts then queue jump through other cabins. 
  • Ideally there is more than one cabin available per type to visit. This allows more than one set to go around at the same time. Usually, then all ending in a bar or lounge to socialise further. 
  • Only the hosts and organisers know the cabin numbers and route. 

Hosts are not expected to provide anything other than 'open their door'. The 'cabin crawl' is a great way to meet other CC'ers. If you want to gtee a viewing folks, then offer your cabin. Don't be shy, all cabin types are requested.

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Slot Pull - an Onboard Event

 Slot Pull --   Slot pull will meet in the casino at x.xx probably on the first sea day.   This is being co-ordinated by Michael (Marvin Martian).



Connections Party - Hosted by Celebrity

      The Connections Party hosted by Celebrity is very likely to be held on the first sea day. Individuals who MUST have registered direct with Celebrity will receive an invitation to the event in their cabin. When you register, you enjoy an opportunity to get acquainted with fellow cruisers whom you've communicated with online, on your cruise. Share information and tips, make plans in advance of your cruise - and then meet your new friends on board during a private, complimentary party. You can registter by Clicking here


Organised Events by CC Members & Events Organised by Celebrity

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  1. Please Note: Joining this site does NOT subscribe you to connections or meet & greet parties. YOU must do this direct with the cruise line.

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